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BUY LOCAL Lynchburg

BUY LOCAL now has it’s very own website!

Are you a member of  If you are a locally owned, independent business, then you need to have your business on the website.  Membership in BuyLocal Lynchburg also gives you a dual membership in the Retail Merchants Association.

Business Affiliations:


The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) is a non-profit organization helping communities launch and successfully operate an Independent Business Alliance® (IBA), “buy independent, buy local” campaigns, forward pro-local policies, and other initiatives to support local entrepreneurs and vibrant local economies. We are a network of, by, and for the community organizations and trade groups that comprise our membership. While AMIBA primarily serves U.S. communities, we are happy to help people wherever they reside. Read more:

RMA has proudly teamed up with AMIBA, American Independent Business Association. We felt that AMIBA is a wonderful consultant to rev our own local program.  We are trying some things that are working in 80 other locations across the country, and hope to start seeing the fruits of our labor in the very near future!

Retail Merchants Association of Lynchburg

The Retail Merchants Association (RMA) is your local trade association dedicated to promoting locally owned retail establishments and service providers in Lynchburg and the surrounding counties of Amherst, Bedford, Campbell, Nelson and Appomattox.

Should You or Shouldn’t You?
Understand that we are not against nationally owned stores. They also add to a community, supplying jobs, hiring local people and paying taxes. We are only asking our consumers to be aware of their spending habits, and make a conscious effort to shift a portion of their normal spending to locally owned businesses. It won’t take long before you find yourself looking for the independent businesses that make our community truly unique. You’ll be amazed at the resources you find.

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