Virginia State Capitol

One key area of interest to you and your business is our advocacy work in the General Assembly. Our VRMA offices are strategically located near Capital Square in order to provide continuous contact with legislators. We are a well-respected entity in the Legislature and are proud of our achievements within this arena. We will continue to focus on key issues that directly impact the business community in order to create a climate for change, and ensure that your voice is heard. When the General Assembly is in session, you have the option to receive updates on issues that could have a direct impact on your business, and you will have the option to contact your legislators and voice your opinion.

Since its inception in 1905, VRMA has worked to protect the interest of ALL businesses in Virginia, both large and small. Your local RMA has been a member of VRMA for over 100 years and we are comfortable in the positions that they take to defend our small business community. VRMA works for all free enterprise, which includes the national chains. The statewide Association’s membership is made up of a diverse group of merchants from across the commonwealth of Virginia. Businesses such as convenience, department, drug, grocery, hardware, apparel, building supply, automobile, and sports are just some examples of the variety of stores that compose VRMA membership.

Historically, RMA and VRMA have supported smaller, independently owned businesses since their incorporation (1907 and 1905, respectively).

Protecting your future – VRMA is your voice.

The VRMA has been serving the retail community in the legislative arena since 1905. Our strong presence before the General Assembly and throughout the year before its various committees and the states’ administrative bodies has made the VRMA the most influential association that works solely on behalf of the retail industry. We have 7 registered lobbyists and each year we influence hundreds of important issues.