A New Direction
Pointing Businesses Towards Each Other

ServiceWhat’s Our Vision? To encourage local merchants to band together for a unified cause. To invest in education and to inform the community on the importance of Buying Local. In partnership with members and future member, we try to collaborate whenever possible. Supporting each other is the key. We hope to give you – the merchant -the resources to be successful.

Why Join Local? There are many professional organizations, clubs, and networking groups available to provide support and/or services, BUT are their resources going back into your community 100%? RMA would like to see our local economy remain strong. With your help, it can!

What Is New About RMA? For years, the Retail Merchants was associated with the Credit Bureau. While we did, in fact, provide that service for our merchants until 1996, that was not our only mission. We have always been a trade association that was established as a way to connect our business resources with the consumers that use them.

We have added new services that will help us meet that goal, and we continue to look for other benefits that will be beneficial to our business community. We are hosting monthly “Coffee Talks” and various seminars throughout the year. Not only does this give you a networking opportunity… it gives us insight as to what YOU need as you grow your business. That is invaluable to us!

How Expensive Are Membership Due? Nominal. Annual membership dues are $99. We strive to keep our dues at an affordable level. Any one of the services offered is worth the cost of your membership.

Can you see any reason WHY you would NOT want to be a member of your LOCAL RMA? By partnering with Retail Merchants Association, you are showing your commitment to our community and its citizens.

Join with us as we start a “New direction turning business toward each other,” and remember…