Advertising (Co-op)

With the current economic situation, you may think you can’t afford to advertise.  We think that you can’t afford NOT to advertise.  We realize advertising is expensive, so we are partnering with different media agencies in an effort to share our message!

The Retail Merchants Association provides significant (member) discounts  on RMA pages for some of our local print media.  All advertising is based on volume and interest.  Please contact us to express your interest, so that we may work to secure other interested parties to share the expense. Members are taking advantage of co-op advertising opportunities, and reaping its benefits.


Central Virginia Home (West Willow Publishing)

Clutch (Hill City Bride)



RMA members from local businesses are tagging our BuyLocal commercials.  Your business could be one of them!


Occasionally we are able to offer a small discount for “Ask The Expert.”  That option is based on availability and interest.


Call us to see if  a promotional opportunity is available

Call for information on maximizing your advertising dollars. (434-528-1732).
Remember – it’s first-come, first serve so don’t miss out!