Sponsor Packages

We have a number of Sponsorship Packages to fit YOUR needs.  We need YOU to help us continue providing services for our local businesses. We can’t do it on our own… but together we form a strong front.


We would love to sit down with you and discuss the benefits of your sponsorship.  RMA will customize a sponsorship package if there is something you would like exchanged for another option. We just need to know your needs.

Complete the form below, or call our Director of Development, if your would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities or gifts to our Foundation.

Justin Henderson, Director of Development
Retail Merchants Association, Inc. &
Retail Merchants Foundation, Inc.
2412 Langhorne Road
Lynchburg, Virginia 24501
E-Mail: Justin@LynchburgRMA.com
Work: (434) 528-1732
Cell: (434) 515-0235
Fax: (434) 845-0661